re-OpenLab: Robert Miles Revisited 02

Promises Project presents re-OpenLab: Robert Miles - Hypnotronik Revisited

re-OpenLab: Robert Miles Revisited 02

Hypnotronik Revisited 02 – Robert Miles

In 2013, Robert Miles founded, the radio station and media platform based in Ibiza. was conceived as a space for avant-garde music, art, and culture. It reflected Miles’ commitment to artistic innovation and his desire to create a community for like-minded artists and music enthusiasts. The platform curates a diverse range of content, from cutting-edge electronic music to visual arts and multimedia projects. In this brand new partnership with we thought it only fitting to start at the beginning and revisit Roberts original Hypnotronik shows here on Pen vs Sword re-OpenLab.

Promises Project in Partnership with presents re-OpenLab

Hypnotronik was one of the standout shows on, curated and hosted by Robert Miles himself. The show encapsulated the ethos of OpenLab, blending diverse musical styles to create an immersive and innovative listening experience. Hypnotronik was designed to push the boundaries of conventional radio programming, offering listeners a journey through various soundscapes that highlighted Miles’ eclectic taste and deep understanding of electronic music.

The concept behind Hypnotronik was to create a show that was not just a collection of tracks, but a cohesive auditory journey. Miles aimed to hypnotize his audience with a carefully crafted mix of music that flowed seamlessly from one track to the next. The show was characterized by its emphasis on mood and atmosphere, often featuring deep, ambient, and experimental sounds that captivated listeners and drew them into a trance-like state.

Although Robert Miles’ untimely passing in 2017 brought an end to his direct involvement with OpenLab, Hypnotronik remains a benchmark for creative radio programming, inspiring other stations, DJs and producers to explore new ways of presenting music. The show exemplified Miles’ visionary approach to music and his ability to create deeply engaging and innovative content.

So without any further ado, here’s OpenLab’s founder Robert Miles with Hypnotronik Revisited 02:

About Robert Miles:

Robert Miles, born Roberto Concina on November 3, 1969, in Fleurier, Switzerland, was an influential figure in the world of electronic music. He was best known as a DJ, producer, and the founder of His journey through music left a lasting impact, particularly through his iconic 1995 hit “Children.”

Following the success of “Children,” Miles released his debut album, “Dreamland,” in 1996. The album included other hits like “Fable” and “One and One,” solidifying his status as a world class producer. “Dreamland” showcased Miles’ ability to blend ambient, trance, and classical music elements, creating a distinctive sound that resonated with a broad audience. His music often conveyed a sense of introspection and emotional depth, setting him apart from many of his contemporaries.

Despite his early commercial success, Miles did not rest on his laurels. He continued to innovate and explore new musical landscapes. His subsequent albums, “23am” (1997) and “Organik” (2001), saw him moving away from the mainstream trance sound towards more experimental and ambient territories. “Organik,” in particular, received critical acclaim for its eclectic mix of world music, downtempo, and electronica.

Robert Miles’ contribution to electronic music extends beyond his chart-topping hits. He was a visionary artist who continually pushed the boundaries of the genre. Through his pioneering tracks, innovative albums, and the establishment of, Miles left an indelible mark on the world of music. His ability to blend emotion with electronic soundscapes created timeless pieces that continue to inspire new generations of artists and listeners.

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OpenLab 18

About OpenLab:

Founded in 2013 by electronic music pioneer, composer and DJ Robert Miles and inspired by the creative spirit of Ibiza. OpenLab was conceived specifically to showcase the best in innovative yet accessible music and visual art.

Broadcasting worldwide via and on 106.4 FM in Ibiza and Formentera, OpenLab champions the worlds most exciting producers, artists, DJ’s and visual artists, offering their community a glimpse of ‘Tomorrows World.. Today’.

You can listen to their Live Radio broadcasts here or download their App:

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