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A little bit about us

We create and produce a diverse array of content, including written, visual, and audio materials, as well as clothing and art, all of which reflect both our physical and digital worlds. Our work spans various mediums to capture the complexities of contemporary life and to connect with audiences on multiple levels. Through storytelling, design, and artistic expression, we aim to create works that resonate deeply and foster a sense of community and understanding.

Our goal is to connect locally and globally, bridging communities through shared experiences and creative expression. By entertaining and educating our audience, we strive to advocate for a positive future in a world often filled with doubt. Through our creative endeavors, we inspire hope, foster understanding, and promote a vision of a better, more connected world. By harnessing the power of creativity and communication, we aim to make a meaningful impact and encourage a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Promises Project Director

A message from Ian.C

Hi, my name is Ian.C. Over the last few years I have developed, created and curated all branches of Promises Project.

Pen vs Sword Online Magazine, Promises Books Digital Bookshop, and Souled-Out.World gift shop collectively form a dynamic trio dedicated to enriching minds and inspiring change. The magazine offers image-rich articles and deep dives into contemporary issues, influential figures, and global music, fostering thoughtful reflection and creative expression. The digital bookshop curates a diverse selection of books designed to provoke educated conversations, provide escapism, and inspire hope and positive change. Meanwhile, the gift shop features clothing and accessories with powerful messages and historical imagery, celebrating the legacy of expression and empowerment.

Together, these platforms connect, educate, and entertain, advocating for a better, more connected world.

For the most recent project Pen vs Sword I am bringing together a diverse group of talented individuals from various fields. Writers, Artists, Poets, Dj's and Photographers from around the world, will be contributing their unique skills and perspectives to this new online magazine. By working together, these collaborations will be bringing even more depth and diversity to our work, ensuring that it resonates on multiple levels and connects with readers and audiences alike.

Thanks for supporting these projects, it really is appreciated! The real potential of Promises Project is just beginning to blossom.

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